4-zone Cometa timer



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Large liquid crystal display to facilitate reading of set data 3-button programming system. Duration of irrigation from 1 minute to 4 hours on each line. Start-time push-button for irrigation start-up. Two daily programs with 4 start-ups per day (distribution of 2 start-ups on two programs). Weekly programming facility (from 1 to 15 days). Water budget facility to adjust set time by 10-150%. Manual start-time with irrigation time programmable as required. Test program to check correct operation of each line. Semi-automatic programming to activate pre-set programs. Rain-stop push-button to interrupt programs in the event of rain (standby can be set as required). Calendar setting facility for odd/even days/leap years. General water budget function to adjust pre-set water percentages. Valve opening safety device with 5 second delay. Pump control. 9 V buffer battery. External transformer included. Full conformity with CE standards.

Data sheet

ProgrammingIrrigation days and times
Minimum irrigation time1 min.
Maximum irrigation time4 hrs
Minimum irrigation frequencyevery 12 days
Maximum irrigation frequency8 per day
Time combinationsprogrammable
Power supply220 V AC
Type24 V AC systems
Rain sensor connectionwire