AcquaGiardino is the first specialist irrigation site for all Claber products and solutions.
We know the products we sell extremely well: we try them, test them and use them ourselves.
We made a conscious decision to focus on what we think is the best company offering DIY irrigation products.
Claber’s professional skills and knowledge, as well as the quality of the products and materials used, are why we chose Claber, to guarantee our customers an excellent service.

In 2011 we created the website, with the aim of making competent and experienced staff available to advise you, our customers, and offer the products and solutions most suited to your needs.
AcquaGiardino is more than just an e-commerce platform; it is a specialist site providing customers with free services such as before and after sales support, and designing and planning services, and it offers the full range of Claber products.
That’s right, you can find any products made by Claber in our catalogue! This is because we want to offer you the best, most comprehensive solutions without compromise.
There is also a section dedicated to spare parts where you can find the parts you need to ensure you can enjoy your Claber products for many years to come!
All products are always stocked in our warehouses, ready to be sent the same day. We work with carefully selected couriers to guarantee the best service.



Over the years we have helped many customers, from the most experienced experts to those exploring irrigation for the very first time, and it has been a very satisfying journey.
We would like to share some of the e-mails we have received with you.
These comments were sent to us spontaneously, and not in response to a specific request for feedback . These comments are really important and make our work all the more rewarding; we are proud to be able to share them with you!

Dear Massimo, I think that’s everything for now but when the good weather returns I’m sure I’ll be needing more of your products. Thanks for your help and quick, professional service. Great job.
Best regards,

Dear all, I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Really helpful and such a quick service (even on a Sunday!) 10 out 10!

Thanks very much,

Many thanks for your friendly and helpful service.
Kind regards,

I can’t thank you enough for your help, even for the timer I had already bought from #######. If I’d known I would have come straight to you.
Thanks again.

You have been a big help,
I would never have managed it on my own!
Great service.
I’ll be sure to recommend you.
P. B.

Thanks, Michela has been so helpful!

Good morning
I just wanted to say thank you. The parcel with the seals arrived today.
Kind regards,

Good morning,
Lost for words!
You’ve been an excellent company to work with.
Now I can crack on.

Yes, I’m happy with the service. Thanks for your quick response.
You’ve been really helpful.
I’ll be in touch again.

That’s very kind of you!
For the dripper hose I need the end piece/line plug (I’m not sure what the correct name for it is).
I’d need at least 5 green heads and probably 2 full pop-ups.
Please let me know how much I owe you or send me the product codes so I can place the order online.
Thanks and have a nice evening.

Products safely received. I can’t wait to get everything up and running.
Thanks for your advice.

I’m happy with the service and how my order was handled and delivered. Please let me know if there’s anything else. Kind regards,

The system isn’t quite finished yet but I’ve already got it working.
For the time being I’ve got it all assembled above-ground to check the position of the sprinklers.
A few things still need to be decided because we need to finalise what we’re going to do (plants/grass/pond etc.).
I’ll dig the holes and get everything installed underground around mid-September.
Thanks for your support.



A big thank you to all of our loyal customers!